Desanas of Tan Acharn Maha Boowa

Translated into English by Acharn Suchart Abhijato

Baan Taad Forest Monastery

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1.      1 June 1979.  The Majjhima Patipada. The investigation of Dukkha Vedana.  Varying the  practice to suit the Kilesas.  The importance of Sati.  Do not blame your tendencies of character (vasana).  The end of the battle.  37:43 min.

2.      5 June 1979.    Being careful of contact while living in the community.  Correcting Vinaya errors. Having Metta for each other.  The power of the Kilesas.  Sati and Panna.  On fasting.  Calming the Citta.  The consequences of not being calm.  Investigation of Dukkha Vedana and death.  The four path moments.  The story of Bodhirakkhita.  78.09 min.

3.      10 June 1979.  The false teachers of Dhamma.  How the Kilesas prevent progress and calm.  Determination to attain the state of freedom.  Stories of some Acharns.  The value of the teacher. The 84,000 Dhammas. Commitment in the practice.  Tan Acharn talks about his own practice. Samadhi as the support for Panna.  Addiction to Samadhi and Panna are different. Letting Dhammas progressively go. Resting the tired Citta. Avijja. There is no Vedana in the Arahant's Citta. The desirability of Majjhima as to counter the Kilesas. The Vihara Dhamma of the Arahant.  80.01 min.

4.      13 June 1979.  The World is Burning.  The Four Noble Truths.  Bhikkhus in the present take up the robe as a ceremony.  About Sanna and Sankhara.  87:25 min.

5.      22 June 1979.  Calming the Citta with Panna. The story of the 1000 Cula Panthakas.  Majjhima to counter the Kilesas.  The merging of Magga and Phala.  Arahatta Phala is the same as Nibbana. 4 paths, 4 fruits and 1 Nibbana.  47:34 min.

6.      27 June 1979.  Four Satipatthanas.  Warning for bhikkhus doing buildingwork. On laziness.  Tan Acharn protects the bhikkhus from the laity.  Criticism of the Sasana as the opiate of the masses. Four Satipatthanas.  Sanna and Sankhara.  The passing away of the Arahant and what it means.  61:26 min.

7.      12 July 1979.  The Ovada Patimokha.  Investigation and the importance of Sati.  The four Iddhipada.  Lack of Sati likened to a madman.  Contemplation of the body.  The truth of bodily Dukkha. 68:30 min.

8.      18 July 1979.  Ways of Investigation.  The way the Citta constructs and creates and how to stop it. Talk on Sati.  Developing Panna. Panna turns into Uddhacca.  Mahasati and Mahapanna. Samadhi by itself is not enough.  Ways of investigation.  Don't mix Samadhi and Panna.  Getting rid of drowsiness.  Story of Ven. Sona.  Alternating Samadhi and Panna.  The free (vimutti) Citta is like space.  Avijja.  82:45 min.

9.      23 July 1979.  Looking always at the Heart.  Asubha Kammatthana.  The luminous Citta is Avijja.  The calming of the Citta with Samadhi or Panna.  Three kinds of emptiness.  86:25 min.

10.    04 Aug. 1979.  Dukkha and Dukkha-Vedana.  Wealthy people going forth.  The Sallekha Dhamma.  Seclusion and contentment with little.  Viriya.  The "gnawing" of the Kilesas.  78:51 min.

11.    9 Aug. 1979.  Dukkha, the five Kammatthana.  Getting the Citta calm.  The importance of understanding Dhamma before going out teaching.  Ways of listening to a Desana. Sankhara and Sanna.  The arising and passing away of the Khandhas of the Arahant.  The Citta of the Arahant is just "knowingness" embracing the universe.  The passing away of Sariputta and Mogallana. Uddhacca.  The merging of Arahatta Magga and Phala.  89:25 min.

12.    15 Aug. 1979.  The Difference between Study and Practice.  Ineffective practice.  Forcing the Citta to be calm.  The ways of Samadhi and Panna.  General talk on practice.  About death.   75:15 min.

13.    21 Aug. 1979.  Kilesas as Disturbances.  Living in seclusion.  Continuous rebirth is due to the Kilesas. Avijja.  The Khandhas of the Arahant.  The deception of skin.  Asubha.  The five Kammatthana.  48:33 min.

14.    28 Aug. 1979.  The Story of Ven. Anna Kondanna.  The impurities that cover the Citta.  Wrong perception of beauty.  Patikkula Sanna.  The four Iddhipada.  Speculation about Nibbana. The practice of letting go.  54:33 min.

15.    5 Sept. 1979.  Investigation of the Body.  The Lord Buddha.  The purpose of going forth.  The four Iddhipada.  The fire of Kilesas.  Developing Samadhi.  Investigation of the body.  The four Nama Khandha.  Dealing with Avijja.  86:24 min.

16.    10 Sept. 1979.  Watching the Cetasika Dhamma.  The Dukkha of the body.  The importance of Sati.  Mahasati and Mahapanna.  Kama Tanha, Bhava Tanha and Vibhava Tanha.  Letting go of the body.  Investigation of all types of Vedana.  Letting go of the Nama Dhamma.  70:11 min.

17.    18 Sept. 1979.  The Four Requisites.  Living in the forest.   The Dukkha caused by Avijja.  The four Satipatthana.  Asubha Kammatthana.  Investigation of the body.  The Vihara Dhamma of the Arahant.  The passing away of the Lord Buddha.  The Vimutti Citta.  78:21 min.

18.    13 Oct. 1979.  Exposition on the Buddha.  Deficiencies in practice.  The Savakas.  Cause and effect in practice.  The Sacca Dhammas in detail.  Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirodha and Magga.  The eight factors of Magga in detail.  Right speech as the ten-fold Sallekha Dhamma.  Making Sankhara go in the way of Magga.  51:49 min.

19.    19 Oct. 1979.  The Four Noble Truths.  Memory of Dhamma is not enough.  The four noble truths. The difficulty of training human beings.  Recollection of the triple gem in times of danger.  The Kilesas as the guardians over the heart.  The state of the Khandhas, that are free from Kilesas.  About practice in general.  The importance of avoiding conflict in the monastery.  The evil of exhibiting one's virtue.  50:00 min.

20.    7 Nov. 1979.  The Importance of Correct Behaviour.  And getting on with each other.  Enduring the Dukkha that arises from practice.  The functions of Sati.  Two kinds of Samadhi. Ways of Panna.  Resting the tired Citta.  Replacing the Kilesas with Dhamma.  Dukkha. Tan Acharn talks about his own practice.  74:13 min.


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