For one whose release of awareness through good will is
          cultivated... eleven benefits can be expected. Which eleven?

          One sleeps easily,
          wakes easily,
          dreams no evil dreams.

          One is dear to human beings,
          dear to non-human beings.
          The devas protect one.
          Neither fire, poison, nor weapons can touch one.
          One's mind gains concentration quickly.
          One's complexion is bright.
          One dies unconfused and -- if penetrating no higher --
            is headed for the Brahma worlds.

          These are the eleven benefits that can be expected for one
          whose release of awareness through good will is cultivated,
          developed, pursued, given a means of transport, given a grounding,
          steadied, consolidated, and well-undertaken."

               --  Angutara Nikaya XI.16

          As a mother would risk her life
            to protect her child,
            her only child,
          even so should one cultivate a limitless heart
            with regard to all beings.
          With good will for the entire cosmos,
            cultivate a limitless heart:
                all around,
                       without hostility or hate.
          Whether standing, walking, sitting, or lying down,
            as long as one is alert,
          one should be resolved on this mindfulness.
          This is called a sublime abiding here & now.
               --  Sn I.8: Karaniya Metta Sutta