WAT YANNASANGVARARAM was founded in 1976 by Somdet Phra Yannasangvorn  the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, with generous supports from the Royal Family.  Located on a tapioca field surrounded on three sides by hills and mountains and the fourth side by the Gulf of Thailand, Wat Yan is 160 kilometers east of Bangkok and 20 kilometers east of Pattaya Beach Resort on the road to U-tapao airport.  During the Rains Residence (July to October) there are about 70 to 80 monks in residence and 40 or so monks at other times.  The monks belong to the Theravada Dhammayuti lineage and observe practices of the Thai Forest Traditions which include the daily routine of:  1. Going out on alms-round.              2. Eating one meal a day.       3. Putting all the food in and eating from the bowl.    4. Attending morning (5:00 AM) and evening (6:00 PM) sessions of chanting and meditation.  5. Sweeping the grounds and paths and keeping everything neat and clean.  The Wat also provides opportunity for lay people to come and stay for individual retreats of long (7 days) or short (3 days) duration.  For more information or reservations call:      Thai speakers (66-81) 586-0188, English speakers (66-80) 273-6545.  Email:  assistant.ajahnsuchart@gmail.com